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work experience

This is a question for all the Australians on the list.

Next year as part of my school work requirements I have to do (at least) 2
weeks work experience in the REAL WORLD.  I had thought that I might apply
to the Melbourne Museum, but now that has closed.  I am asking for
suggestions of where I might apply to do my work experience in September
next year.

I live in Hamilton, which is in Western Victoria.  I am about 4 hours drive
from Melbourne (although I have family there that I can stay with) and
about 5 hours drive from Adelaide.  

What about Dinosaur Cove?  Any chance of work experience there?  Or any
holiday work for that matter?

Please send any suggestions and/or information directly to me.  I am
accessing this list through my Grandpa's computer and I think he is getting
sick of 20 or so dinosaur e-mails every day.  I am afraid that he might
make me unsubscribe from this list soon.

Eagerly waiting your suggestions

Natalie Oliver.