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My own classification project...

I was very fortunate to have taken a friend up on her offer of dinner last
night. Her mom was passing through SF having just completed the better
part of a US/Canadian dino-tour, making stops at Dinosaur National
Monument,Devil's Coulee, Dino Provincial Park and (of course) Drumheller
and the RTMP. All carefully and painstakingly videotaped with her
camcorder. We must have sat for about 7 or so hours in front of my
computer with her camcorder hooked into the SVHS of my system snapping off
frames. I snapped at just about everything in sight. Final count is around
360 images for close to 400MB in disk space. The sheer amount of stuff I
have to sort through now to sort of the good from the blurry,uninteresting
and duplicated.  I am beginning to appreciate the amount of work that must
go into acquiring, cataloging and otherwise processing skeletons. 

I will keep you all updated on this as things progress and will also
probably be pestering you all from time to time for idents. There is just
too many images here not to share.....