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Re: New theory!

On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, Matt Fraser wrote:

> On Wed, 13 Aug 1997, John Bishop wrote:

> > > IMHO, I know how and why died dinos.I found and develop the new theory
> > > by name "Theory of Changed (Increased)  Gravitation of Earth".Their
> > > heavy weight killed dinos and other animals of flora and fauna, because
> > > approximatly 65 mln. years before present the gravitation of Earth was
> > > being INCREASED right up to modern value. I know such phisical
> > > possibility. If you interest , I can tell you it in next time.Kanat

> > I know that I say little on the list, but this time I must. Iam afraid that
> > to call this a theory is a little incorrect. And not to get to much
> > started, it falls short of being an hypothesis. Even with magnetic pole
> > reversals I find it hard to believe in greatly increased gravitational
> > pull.

> Right.  Without being too argumentative, I'd have to agree.  Gravitational
> pull is related to mass.  Unless you can show that the mass of the palnet
> changed dramatically, the hypothesis is pure fantasy (IMO).

While I do not wish to impugne upon the original poster's intellectual
abilities, I will say that the primary exponent I have seen of this
position on the Internet is Ted Holden, a man who is apparently deeply
interested in purely fantastic hypotheses.

JMHO, of course.

To the original poster, I'd be interested to know how his hypothesis
explains previous mass extinctions other than the K-T, and what problems
he has with current hypotheses on the subject. 

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