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Re: Ballast Stones?

At 10:15 PM 8/13/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Stones have been found in the stomachs of penguins and otariids (the eared
>seals: sea lions and fur seals) and is implied in fossil remains of
>plesiosaurs (so I understand), but they are not found in cetaceans,
>phocids (non-eared seals), ichthyosaurs or mosasaurs. Mike Taylor noticed
>that the difference between the stone swallowers and the non-stone
>swallowers was that the former used their pectoral "flippers" to attain
>underwater "flight" through the water whereas the others use their tails
>to swim through the water. 

How about sea turtles?  They certainly are pectoral-flipper swimmers - do
they swallow stones?
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