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On 08/12/97 Tetanurae@AOL.COM wrote:

>A while back, someone brought up the idea of us dino-listers getting
>for a little bash at SVP '97.  And, uh, since SVP '97 rapidly aproaches, has
>anyone given this any more thought?  I am not familiar with Chicago at all,
>so I can't really set anything up, but how about you dino-listers that have
>actually been to Chicago and are planning on attending suggesting something.
>Peter Buxhholz

That idea originated with Paul Willis in January.  Below is the full text of
his post:

>OK folks, eyes down for a full mouse.
>There is a reasonable chance that this year I will be able to attend the
>SVP meeting in Chicago. I assume that, as part of this, there will be a
>dinner or some activity for Dinolist members to meet and finally get to
>slag each other off in person. Is this correct? If not, what is the
>interest in arranging such an event?

>Carrying the idea one step further, in discussions with another list member
>who, for her own protection and honour best remain nameless, we developed
>another idea; a series of light-hearted awards to be presented in the
>course of such an evening (assuming that it eventuates). So far we have
>thought of awards in the following catagories:
>Most odious post
>Most provocative question asked
>Consistent, fair and reasonable answers
>Best one-liner
>Funniest category
>Longest post ultimately not worth reading
>"Could you repeat that for me again, and again?"
>The deja vu thread

>We are, of course, open to any other suggestions.
>Voting would be over Email and, for prizes, we could ask for a dozen
>volunteers to each provide a single, wrapped gift of no more than $10 value
>to be pooled and given out at random to the winners.
>How does everybody feel about this? And, seeing that I have probably
>already taken too much off-topic band width with this post, please reply to
>me directly and I will post the results in a week or two. I need to know;

>Do you favour a Dinolist Dinner to be held during the SVP?
>Do you support the idea of list awards to be presented at the Dinner?
>Cheers, Paul
>Dr Paul M.A. Willis
>Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
>Quinkana Pty Ltd

In perusing the SVP schedule, it would seem that dinner times are taken by
planned activities, except for Wednesday.  I would suggest perhaps a Dino
Breakfast or a specific meeting place after-events one evening.