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Dromornis stritoni

I've just read a news report on the finding of a new skeleton of
"Dromornis stritoni" an Australian bird they describe as big as an
elephant! I am curious about what this "big" means, height or size
(weight)?  Does any one have more info on this creature?

A note about the "heavy theory", a lot of information on the subject
can be found in the talk.origins archives at:


The main proponents of this stuff are the (in)famous Velikovsky (all 
that Venus moving around stuff) and Ted Holden (his telephatic dogs
included), there's also a recent acquisition by the name of Ed Conrad
who talks about his findings of giant human bones from the 
carboniferous. Ooopss, I almost forgot Archimedes Plutonium and his
theory of spontaneous neutron whatever, if you're brave enough to read
his huge epic poem about the atom in whole or something similar. Check
the FAQs and the links to the these guys homepages. Have fun but PLEASE
KEEP THE SUBJECT AWAY from this mailing list.

Dalmiro Maia                       dalmiro@milkyway.cii.fc.ul.pt