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It's true, I confess, it was me who suggested a bit of party time at this
years SVP. At that time I thought that I would be attending but now it is
apparent that I will bot be there. However, I am still interested in
helping sort things out, particularly the nominations and votings for the
awards. so let's start now.

Nominations are open for awards for posts in the following catagories

>Most odious post
>Most provocative question asked
>Consistent, fair and reasonable answers
>Best one-liner
>Funniest category
>Longest post ultimately not worth reading
>"Could you repeat that for me again, and again?"
>The deja vu thread

Nominations must be for posts that hit the list between September last year
and the end of August this year. Send nominations to me and I will
circulate the list for voting as the whole thing develops.

As for the idea of a dinner, it appears that the evenings of the SVP are
already jam packed with SVP related activities and so the suggestion was
made for a Dinolist Breakfast. How does that sound to potential attendees?
Again, I will coordinate responces and opinions on this activity but I will
need a Chicago volunteer to step forward and help on the ground. Where are

I will also take offers of donations of simple but fun awards. Can you
spare a $10 gift of a rubber dinosaur of some such thingie?

And, to keep the list free of too much superfluous stuff, send all
nominations and comments on the breakfast to me OFF LIST. I will coordinate
and condense responces into compact posts for the list.



Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
Quinkana Pty Ltd