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Some Paleoart News

Those uninterested in collecting and painting 3D paleoart should surf 

Just a few quick notes from your prehistoric resin elf:

(But first be aware that I'm about to recommend  stuff you can buy if 
you're so inclined.  I'm not affiliated with any model company and 
unlike other reviewers I don't get freebies so I call 'em as I see 
'em!  These are resin kits supplied unpainted and need a little 
modeling skill unless you spring for the extra bucks for a 

1) The Wiccart 1/35th scale Dunkleosteus is now available.  I've 
ordered one and will let all know how it looks.  If it's of the same 
quality as Wiccart's skull restorations, it should be a terrific 
likeness of the big fish.  For those who are wondering why anyone 
would collect a model of a fish, click here (it's the illustration 
Steve used as a reference):


It's going for $99.  If you're interested, check out Wiccart's 
web page:


Those without modeling experience might want to talk to Steve about 
getting a build-up which will be more expensive.  If I were an 
icthyologist I'd want one of these on my desk!  Display it alongside 
your 1/35th scale dinosaurs who will be glad they were strictly 

2) Dinosaur Studio Triceratops

Those of you who know the work of Dan and Greg must be fans and must 
be waiting eagerly for their newest edition to the 1/35th scale line, 
the Triceratops horridus.  If I call Dan LoRusso again to check on it 
he will probably put out a contract on my life.  

Well, it's been delayed a bit to perfect it's counterpart, a 1/35th 
scale Tyrannosaurus rex.  They will be posable together so that the 
tyrannosaur will be moving in on the fleeing T. horridus, which will 
be peering over it's shoulder at the hulking predator.  Greg says the 
T. rex will be hunched down and moving in on the T. horridus from 
behind and from the flank.  It's mouth will be closed if you can 
visualize such a thing -- a T. rex with it's mouth closed!  Greg 
sculpted the wonderful T. rex and T. horridus for the Battat/Boston 
Museum of Science toys, by the way.

Considering the top quality of their work and the precision of their 
reconstructions (no dancing six-ton animals or movie proportions 
here), this is all sounding like a little too much for me -- pardon 
me as I fan myself.  Imagine a diorama of the T. rex/T horridus prey 
event next to one with Dan's Stegosaurus stenops and Allosaurus 
fragilis, two other excellent pieces! 

(Want to see them? The unpainted Allosaur at
and the painted stegosaur (they're supplied unpainted) at 
http://www.dinosaurstudio.com/images/dl_stego_resin.jpg  )

Finally, a strictly accurate rendition of a classic confrontation.

Well, I've chewed your ears long enough.  Happy paleomodelling!  
Don't forget to post your own tips when you learn something's in the 
pipeline . . .


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