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[Fwd: The (original) Lost World (found)]

reposted as a review for those og you who might be interested-I'm not
connected with this reviewer in any other way

posted   Wed, 13 Aug 1997 17:52:58 GMT
From:    vallino@cs.rochester.edu (James Vallino)
Organization:  University of Rochester, Department of Computer Science
 Newsgroups:   alt.movies.visual-effects
James Vallino wrote:
> Last Friday I got to see the world premiere of the George Eastman
> House restoration of the original The Lost World.  There is an article
> describing this restoration effort in the current Cinefex.
> What a great job they've done on this.  The curator (ahh! forgot his
> name) at George Eastman warned us before the film that what we were
> viewing was a first copy and still a work in progress.  I expected to
> see a whole lot of nasty stuff still in the print.  My untrained eye
> found it to be better than expected given that warning.
> I do not remember ever seeing the Kodascope version of The Lost World
> or the recent videodisk.  I was quite impressed with the animation
> done.  I did not expect the level of detail in the animation with
> chest walls moving with breathing, animated eyelids, and closeup mouth
> and tongue motion.
> During the initial credits there was some audience laughter when two
> sources for partial funding of the restoration were listed: The
> National Endowment for the Arts and Hugh Hefner.  That alliance should
> provide some ammunition for congressional attempts to cut off funding
> to the NEA. :-(
> The film showed to a packed house in the Dryden Theater with a second
> show added on.  An added treat was provided with Phil Carli's live
> piano accompaniment.
> Afterwards, Ed Stratmann, Supervisor of Restorations at the Eastman,
> answered some questions about the film and the restoration.  Some of
> the comments that I remember were:
>         - film will go on theatrical release.  No current plans for an
> updated videodisk but it probably will happen at some point
>         - tinting in the film was added during restoration based on
> standard tinting done at the time
>         - scenes from the Kodascope version and the Czech version
> meshed rather well but the sequencing of neither matched the written
> scripts that they were able to uncover.  Scenes were sequenced based
> on the films and not the script.
> I recommend seeing this restored film if you get an opportunity.  It
> was great fun.  (But I bet it'll cost more than the $3 I paid and
> won't include Phil Carli's live music!)
> Many people don't think Rochester, NY has much going for it especially
> when you consider our winter weather.  If you are interested in film
> The Eastman House, its facilities and the continual film series
> running at the Dryden Theater are definitely some of the pluses.  (Not
> to mention all of the film which is manufactured around here.  :-))
> Definitely check out the George Eastman House and Museum if you come
> through the area.
> Jim
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