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Re: Dromornis stritoni

> >I've just read a news report on the finding of a new skeleton of
> >"Dromornis stritoni" an Australian bird they describe as big as an
> >elephant! I am curious about what this "big" means, height or size
> >(weight)?  Does any one have more info on this creature?
> I have heard that reports of a new specimen hit the papers earlier this
> week but I haven't seen any myself. 
> I don't know where the elephant bit comes in, but it oculd only be in
> comparison to a small elep[hant. D. stirtoni is estimated to have weighed
> in at around 450kg.
> Cheers,
> Paul

CNN has an article on it with photos of the fossil mount-stood 3 meters
high-about 18 feet

           Betty Cunningham  
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