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[Fwd: Peter Larson to be released

Subject:   Peter Larson to be released
Date:      Wed, 13 Aug 1997 02:38:52 GMT
Newsgroups:     sci.bio.paleontology

Kenneth Carpenter wrote:
> Peter Larson is to be released to a half way house in Rapid City Thursday
> morning (Aug. 14). He will be taken to the bus station in Pueblo, Colorado,
> for a long ride to Rapid City, South Dakota. No one, not even his wife, is
> allowed to take him by car to Rapid City, nor can anyone accompany him on the
> bus. Once he has checked in to the half way house, he will be allowed to work
> during the day at the Black Hills Institute, but must check back in at the
> half way house every night. He may be completely released in about 3 months.
> He has spent a great deal of his time in prison working on a book about T.
> rex, and his wife, Christine, a book about the whole "Sue" story.
> Kenneth Carpenter

           Betty Cunningham  
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