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Re: Attched File Problems! (Was eggshells...)

Tom Lipka asks:

> What is the possibility that you can amend the list Administrivia to
> forbid attaching files to messages with the penalties being similar
> to that for flaming or Creationism?

The following are excerpts from the administrivia message that got
distributed on August 1st (so far I only have evidence that one person
besides me read any of it...)

// 0.  Summary of changes from previous version

//    d) note in section 8 asking people not to include attachments
//       (e.g. image files) with their messages.

//        e) Attachments
// I don't expect to discipline anyone for this, but I do ask that you
// not include attachments (such as files containing images) to
// messages.  A large number of people will not be able to read the
// files, and many will not even be able to receive them (believe it
// or not some people have limits on the sizes of messages they can
// receive!).  If you wish to transmit an image or other form of
// encoded message please find another place to make it available and
// send to the dinosaur list only an announcement of the file's
// availability.  If you have no other space to put up the file, you
// can write to me (mrowe@indiana.edu).  I don't want to get in the
// business of making temporary web pages, but I do have such
// resources available to me.  If I don't get too many requests I can
// offer limited use of those resources to others.

Also everyone please note that the attachment we recently received was
sent to the list by accident rather than by design.  Let's try not to
overreact; stuff happens...

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)