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sam welles' passing

As George recently noted, Sam Welles was the man who found and
described the fossils of Dilophosaurus.  Kevin Padian recently sent
the following to the Vertebrate Paleontology list, and I thought some
of you that aren't subscribed to that list might want to know:

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 16:10:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: (Kevin Padian)
To: vrtpaleo@usc.edu
Subject: sam welles' passing

To Members of the Vertebrate Paleontology Community:

It's my sad duty to report that Sam Welles passed away on August 6th, after
a long but peaceful decline.  He greatly appreciated the cards, letters and
good wishes that everyone sent to him through the months since he could no
longer come to the Museum.  Sam was in his 90th year and still productive
until his illness incapacitated him.  He had made peace with the fact that
he had accomplished a lot, even though there were still manuscripts to
finish and more fossils to study.

We're compiling an issue of the UCMP Newsletter in Sam's honor, and would
like to solicit stories, remembrances, and photographs from his old
colleagues and friends.  If you've got something to offer or would like to
know more, please contact Judy Scotchmoor at UCMP:
judys@ucmp1.berkeley.edu.  You can mail her at the Museum of Paleontology,
UC Berkeley, CA 94720-4780.

We also want to have a little celebration for Sam at the Museum sometime in
September; if you're in the area and would like to stay informed, please
let Judy know.  Thanks also from Sam's family to all his old friends who
sent him their best.  Donations in his memory can be made to the Sam and
Doris Welles Fund for Vertebrate Paleontology, in care of the Museum.

Kevin Padian
Professor and Curator
Department of Integrative Biology and Museum of Paleontology
University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-3140  USA

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