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re: What's in a name?

Just last night my son, 3 years old, asked me about velociraptors.  He had
been told about them by a child who did see JP.  Even though my son can
barely pronounce the name (lots-o-wrappers?), he is a sponge for information
and loved hearing the straight scoop.  He understands that real snakes
aren't like the one in Aladdin, and that movie dinosaurs aren't like real
ones.   I'm sure he won't remember all the details, but I was certainly glad
to have the straight scoop (thanks everyone!) so that what he did remember
would be "true".

So, Amado, go for it.  Give them the correct information, acknowledge why
the movie was different.  Even if they don't buy it, you've planted the seed
of doubt and critical thinking and the next scientist they encounter  might
be able to convince them!

        In  Peace  -  SarahAnne