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Re: What's in a name?

In a message dated 97-08-15 18:30:22 EDT, sash@teleport.com writes:

<< Now suppose that before I can talk about the picture, Michelle speaks up
 >and says "That's a Tyrannosaurus." (It isn't likely that she would,
 >because I showed the other picture first. But suppose she did.) Then I
 >might say, "You know, Michelle, I thought it was a Tyrannosaurus, too. It
 >looks a lot like Tyrannosaurus..." This way, I've made the correction
 >ultra sensitive, because I am correcting myself as well. >>

Michelle here might be more knowledgeable than it seems at first. Don't
forget that Greg Paul at one time referred _Daspletosaurus_ to the genus
_Tyrannosaurus_, and indeed labeled his famous striding _Daspletosaurus_
accordingly, which might be what Michelle was thinking of. You could get into
some nomenclatural hot water(!).