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Re: Another View XXX

From:  FOSSILNUT@aol.com

> Corporations
> serve more than the stockholders. Most corporations recognize their
> need to serve the local community, the stockholders, the customers,
> the employees, and society as a whole. To serve one to the exclusion
> of the others is almost a sure formula for short term success at the
> expense of lasting success.

Although you disagree with my analysis of corporate giving, I note
that in the end you return, as you should, to the bottom line.

And no.  Go back to your Corporations textbook.  Corporations do not
serve more than the shareholders.  To reiterate again, as Yogi would
say, I've never said there's anything wrong with corporations
maximizing their profits. That's what they're for.  Just don't kid
yourself that they're doing it for the good of Mankind (except in an
Adam-Smithian way).  

If these executives (my presumption) who have responded work for large
publicly-held corporations (far and away the typical giver per dollar
spent),  I have no doubt that they rationalize their giving to the
shareholders in a way very different from their rationale on this

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