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Hello and a question about Iguanodon mantelli

Hello, I have just joined the list and hope to be able to join in some
of the discussions, primarily about British dinosaurs, although I expect
to poke my nose into everything else as well!

I've been writing a (scientific) book about British Dinosaurs since
1990/91 (is it as long as that...?), so I have done a huge amount of
research into them through looking at the old Victorian papers as well
as up to date stuff.  In Bristol, we have a very good Geology Library at
the University and I have lucky enough to have access to it.

I started out as someone who knew nothing about dinosaurs and, even
after seven years of research, am still pretty hopeless on anatomy - so
I will probably be coming to the list with some quite standard
questions, if no-one minds.

My first question is:

Gideon Mantell (or probably his wife) found the first Iguanodon tooth
and described it (he tried to call it Iguanosaurus but this name was
already occupied).  He also got possession of 'The Maidstone Slab' which
is still in the Natural History Museum in London, as a slab.  I believe
that this slab was made the type specimen for Iguanodon mantelli Meyer
1832(?) and this was accepted by contemporary palaeontologists like
Lydekker.  My question is - when did Iguanodon mantelli disappear - I
don't mean the slab or the tooth - but the name?  It now seems to be
part of Iguanodon atherfieldensis Hooley 1925 (see The Dinosauria).  The
type specimen of atherfieldensis was not even found until the 1920's,
so, it they are the same species, surely it should be referred to

I do hope someone can answer my question.  I look forward to hearing
from you all,