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Re: Qantasaurus

On 15 Aug 97 at 18:21, Jonathon Woolf wrote:

> Then there are more pedestrian cases, like Jack Horner giving
> _Maiasaura_ a specific name that used the name of the folks who
> owned the land where it was found.  Or the AMNH naming
> _Protoceratops_ for its discoverer, Roy Chapman Andrews.

Perhaps _Baryonyx walkeri_ is in this group as well, since it is 
named after one Mr William J. Walker, the british amateurcollector 
who first found the huge claw (10 to 11 inches) in Surrey in 1983. 

(Got this from "Dinosauriers, een evolutionair succes", a Dutch 
translation of "The natural history museum book of dinosaurs" by Tim 
Gardom and Angela Milner, that has piece from Nature vol. 324, from 
the 27th of november 1986 describing the find and the naming of the 
beast as an illustration.)

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