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horned dinosaurs and other queries


1.  On Friday, in our local paper there was an AP press report about the 
discovery of a horned dinosaur in New Mexico last year.  It was described 
as the oldest horned dinosaur ever found.  What information (if any) is 
available on this animal and has it been named yet?

2.  I recently came across an advertisement for the following book, "The 
Young Oxford Book of the Prehistoric World", by Jill Bailey & Tony Seddon.
Is anyone familiar with this book and is it worth getting?  The ad 
mentions that there was specially commissioned artwork.  Does anyone know 
who did the artwork?  I know it is a kids book but it may be worth 
getting for the artwork alone.

3.  Recently I watched a documentary about crocodiles in Africa.  I 
watched shots of them feeding by tearing off chunks of meat and 
swallowing it whole without chewing it.  My question is this.  Did any of 
the meat eating dinosaurs chew, or did they all likely feed in the same 
manner as the crocodiles.  Tearing off chunks of meat, holding their 
snouts up, mumbling and shifting the food around in their mouths until it 
was at the right angle for swallowing and then swallowing the food all in 
one chunk.  

Lora Nelson