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new refs

Here are a few new ones.  Plenty of extinction refs this week.

Richard K. Olsson & Kenneth G. Miller & Peter J. Sugarman 1997, "Ejecta
layer at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, Bass River, New Jersey (Ocean
Drilling Program Leg 174AX)", Geology, 25(8):759-.

Christian Koeberl & Richard A. Armstrong & Wolf Uwe Reimold 1997,
"Morokweng, South Africa: A large impact structure of Jurassic-Cretaceous
boundary age", Geology, 25(8):731-.

Enriqueta Barrera & Samuel M. Savin & Charles E. Jones 1997, "Evidence for
thermohaline-circulation reversals controlled by sea-level change in the
latest Cretaceous", Geology, 25(8):715-.

Anonymous 1997, "Were Dinosaurs Cold Blooded? The laws of physics may have
the final word", U.S. News & World Report, 123(7):40-.

H.S.M. Prakash 1997, "Shiva Crater", Journal of the Geological Society of
India, 50(2):235-.

Additionally, here are a couple non-dinosaur refs that may be of interest.

JT Paleontological journal;   a translation of pale
DA 1997 v 31 n 4
PG 422
AU Efimov, V.M.
TI A New Genus of Ichthyosaurs from the Late Cretaceous of the Ulyanovsk
Volga Region

JT Paleontological journal;   a translation of pale
DA 1997 v 31 n 4
PG 433
AU Smirnova, S.B.
TI Change in Plant Assemblages during the Aptian through the Albian in the
   Crimea and the Caucasus

Tempe, Arizona