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When did "T. rex" come into usage?

To divert for a moment from the "raptor" discussion, I was curious about
when the short form "T. rex" came into popular usage. I would imagine
prior to Jurassic Park. I take it this is legitimate scientific shorthand
(like _E. coli_) that insinuated its way into popular usage, perhaps first
through Jack Horner's book. I remember when I first encountered it, I
didn't like it. The name "Tyrannosaurus" has a menacing sound and
appearance. "T. rex" just didn't do it. Lends a feeling of "familiarity"
to a creature that one doesn't really want to get that close to. Kind of
like calling Dracula "Count D." (Maybe it's popularity started with the
Nova program "T. rex Exposed"?) I can understand why the press uses "E.
coli". _Eschericia coli_ is a very unfamiliar term. Maybe since the
villain itself is small but deadly, the small but deadly popular name is

I've gotten used to "T. rex," but still prefer to spell it out.
----- Amado Narvaez