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raptors, trikes, compys...

I think you guys are overeacting to the raptor stuff, I wonder if you
feel the same way about armadillo (for me it's a lizard). And when you
guys talk about the platypus aren't you really talking about the
ornithorhynchus?. It got to the public (yes people have "interacted"
with them) prepare yourself for that kind of thing: T.Rex, raptors,
compys, trikes, etc. You should be flattered, people talk/read more
about dinosaurs than about birds of prey. When talking about the "true
raptores" just specify you're talking about the bird (by the way can any
of our resident language experts tell which one is the correct for birds
of prey: raptors or raptores?). All those beasts with
raptor on their names are more appealing to the public than a few birds
of prey, it will be virtually impossible to change things (why did
people name all those guys "something"raptor?).

In my native language raptor means kidnaper so when I hear the word
raptor I think about criminals, not about birds (I wonder how they 
would translate Raptor Red).

dalmiro      dalmiro@mesopy.obspm.fr