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Re: horned dinosaurs and other queries

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>3.  Recently I watched a documentary about crocodiles in Africa.  I 
>watched shots of them feeding by tearing off chunks of meat and 
>swallowing it whole without chewing it.  My question is this.  Did any 
>the meat eating dinosaurs chew, or did they all likely feed in the same 
>manner as the crocodiles.  Tearing off chunks of meat, holding their 
>snouts up, mumbling and shifting the food around in their mouths until 
>was at the right angle for swallowing and then swallowing the food all 
>one chunk.  
>Lora Nelson
 Regarding crocodile feeding habits and theropod feeding habits.
 Theropods most likely fed like birds AND crocs. Birds and crocs do not 
have cheeks so they most tear up meat and swallow it whole without 
chewing. But crocs feed differently from birds in that they rush their 
eating. This is a survival trait since crocs live in big groups and have 
to defend for their food. 

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