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Re: Velociraptor Footprints

At 02:22 PM 8/19/97 CDT, Matt Wedel wrote:
>The lower leg and hindfoot of a sauropod were found in standing 
>position.  The composition of the surrounding matrix suggests that 
>the animal became bogged down in mud.  A scattering of small theropod 
>teeth, possibly belonging to dromaeosaurs, were found around the leg, 
>and Gallup suggests that after becoming irretrievably stuck, the
>helpless sauropod was the victim of theropod predation, perhaps 
>spread out excruciatingly over several days.  From the dromaeosaurs' 
>point of view, it would be quite a boon:  the All-You-Can-Eat Flesh 
>Whether it really happened that way or not, it still makes me 
>Matt Wedel

Yikes!  There's a scene I never want recreated in Dino-mation!

        In  Peace  -  SarahAnne