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Re: JP cast dino

>In a message dated 97-08-16 14:19:27 EDT, Dinogeorge@AOL.COM writes:
>> Tianchisaurus nedegoapeferima
>Didn't this one also narrowly escape being named "Jurassosaurus"?  Or 
am I
>thinking of a different critter?
> You are right, it DID use to be Jurassosaurus. But if I am correct the 
>species name is an acronym with all the intials of the actors in JP. 
>But I could be wrong. 
> WMattTroutman

Yes, you are indeed right about _Tianchisaurus_ being formerly named 
"Jurassosaurus" as well as the part about the species name, 
"nedegoatpeferima".  The name was made by taking the first 2 letters 
of each the last name of each cast member.  Here's a list:

Sam NEill
Laura DErn
Jeff GOldblum
Sir Richard ATtenborough
Bob PEck
Marin FErrero
Ariana RIchards
Joseph MAzzello

the 3 (important) cast members they left out were Samuel L. Jackson, 
B. D. Wong, and Wayne Knight.