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Re: Sauro-platforms (was: Velociraptor Footprints...)

In a message dated 97-08-19 15:35:05 EDT, Patrick writes:

<< The benefits of having a Velociraptor or two on your   
 back are not immediately evident, however.

Not evident!  Obviously, Patrick hasn't lived in New York or heard of the
'protection' racket!  Who better to have hang out with you than the nastiest
guy in town?  Granted, he'd probably not take on a T. Rex (or Trex, or
whatever we end up with in that thread..); but, if you and the other members
of your herd carry around a herd of these nasty little fellows, chances are
you don't get to much grief from anybody.

I must admit, tho, this begs the question of just *how far* a symbiotic
relationship can go.  What about the danger to offspring (of the 'platforms',
that is)... being much smaller at birth, wouldn't they be an awfully tempting
treat to the [Veloci]raptors?  -- this query is for the original poster,
healthinfo@pop3, obviously.