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Re: When did "T. rex" come into usage?

I think that I first heard the term 'T.rex' in the early 1960's - possible 
1964-1967 range.  It was probably used in a cartoon, or educational show, or 
some TV show (or commercial!!!) where a child was playing with a T.rex toy and 
called it that.   It is possible that it was used before - but I may have 
missed it.

An aside about the band T.rex:  When they were originally called Tyrannosaurus 
rex, they were an "a capella" group (you know - no instruments).  After that 
first album did only so-so, they became a hard rock group  (not heavy metal) - 
sort of predating the glitter-rock era.  They had one major hit "Bang a Gong". 
 They also had at least two other songs which did OK - the lyric "Girl, I'm 
Just a Vampire for Your Love...." springs to mind.  (I was a college DJ when 
they were really active)....

By the way, I think T.rex is the only animal correctly referred to (genus and 
species as well as scientific abbreviation) by the general public.  Can anyone 
think of any other??? (Gorilla shouldn't count - and most people DON'T call 
them Gorilla gorilla).