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Classification questions

Dr. Holtz's recent lengthy posts on sauropod sytematics were greatly
appreciated here at the Dinosaur Web Pages. I spent a while yesterday
updating the neosauropod pages to fit these new data. When Sereno's paper
comes out I'll probably create some sort of compromise between the two ...

In going over the pages, I've come up with a number of questions, not only
about sauropods, but other groups and classification in general. If anyone
feels so inclined, I would greatly appreciate some answers:

-What's the proper way to write nomina nuda? I used to have them in
quotes, but then I changed them to italics.

-Is Macronaria stem-based or node-based? If stem, it could be different
from Camarasauromorpha. Also, has Macronaria been published yet? Should I
be using it? Same goes for Carnotaurinae.

-Have there been any recent studies on the internal structure of these
 ankylosaur families
Right now I pretty much just have the genera within them listed straight
out. Does _Irritator_ form a Baryonychinae with _Baryonyx_? Which two
oviraptorids form a subfamily? etc.

-Anyone have info on Arkansaurus fridayi?

-What about citations for _Archaeopteryx bavarica_ and _Rebbachisaurus

-Have any studies recently been done on "prosauropods"? Should I be
showing them as being paraphyletic or is the other view dominant? If they
are paraphyletic, are there any named clades between Sauropodomorpha and

-The titanosaur study unfortunately did not include some important genera.
Anyone have any good ideas about where I can place _Titanosaurus_,
_Pellegrinisaurus_ and other stuff I have listed as "Titanosauridae
incertae sedis"?

-Speaking of incertae sedis, there are dozens of genera I have listed as
"Neotheropoda incertae sedis" that I just *know* can go somewhere more
specific. I would love for someone to have a look and offer ideas. The
address is:
The Tetanurae page could also use some cleaning up in the incertae sedis

-Why are the two "sailback sauropods" _Amargasaurus_ and _Rebbachisaurus_
placed in different families (Dicraeosauridae and Rebbachisauridae,

Danke schoen & Tusen takk --

--T. Mike Keesey
http://www.gl.umbc.edu/~tkeese1/index.htm -- The Dinosaur Web Pages