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Re: When did "T. rex" come into usage?

Matt D. Celeskey wrote:
> "Allan " <EDELS@msn.com> wrote:
> >By the way, I think T.rex is the only animal correctly referred to (genus and
> >species as well as scientific abbreviation) by the general public.  Can 
> >anyone
> >think of any other??? (Gorilla shouldn't count - and most people DON'T call
> >them Gorilla gorilla).
> I'm fairly certain that Boa constrictor is one...
> Matt
> mceleskey@cabq.gov

Ok.  A little off center but what of the Tiger Lily.
Correct Latin name is Tigerum Lillium.
While not spot on, it is both in common use and real
close to the "correct" names.

Pj Enright