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Re: raptors, trikes, compys... and intellectual snobbery.

Maia <dalmiro@mesopy.obspm.fr> wrote:

>I think you guys are overeacting to the raptor stuff, I wonder if you
>feel the same way about armadillo (for me it's a lizard). And when you
>guys talk about the platypus aren't you really talking about the
>ornithorhynchus?. It got to the public (yes people have "interacted"
>with them) prepare yourself for that kind of thing: T.Rex, raptors,
>compys, trikes, etc. You should be flattered, people talk/read more
>about dinosaurs than about birds of prey.

You are right, Maia. It's called intellectual snobbery. Although I'm not
sure how intellectual it is, seems pretty juvenile and stupid to nit-pick
about nicknames. The following takes the cake for pushing this "talent" to
the max:

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net) wrote:

>_T. rex_ (pronounced tee WRECKS, as two separate words, which indeed they
>are) has indeed been around a long, long time. JP, unfortunately,
>introduced us to T-Rex (pronounced, after John Hammond in the film,
>TEE-wrecks, as one word, with a hyphen and a capital R), one more annoying
>thing to blame the movie for.

You've got to be kidding?!! Brian, you make nice paintings. I've got one on
my wall, but this is... I just have to shake my head and say no more or
else I'll be contributing to the negativity and I don't want to do that.

I think nicknames and colloquillisms and terms of endearment in pop culture
whether they relate to dinosaurs or house pets or whatever are no big deal
and should be a non-issue.

S.S. Lazarus