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Re: The Biggest Dinosaurs

>I checked the archives and found some messages about size extremes in
>dinosaurs, but none that address my question....which is, does anyone
>have any thoughts about why dinosaurs in Patagonia were growing so large
>during the Cretaceous, while it seems that the trend was the opposite
>elsewhere in the world?  I just read a popular article called "Land of
>the Giants" by Don Lessem (Aug. 95) and am very interested in learning
>more about this.  Thank you very much.
>Christy Nadalin

Cretaceous footprints from Broome, Western Australia, indicate extremely
large sauropods there too (4.5 metres at the shoulder according to



Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
Quinkana Pty Ltd