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Dromaeosaurids & Elmisaurids (was Re: Assorted subjects

At 04:39 AM 8/21/97 +0100, Roger A. Stephenson wrote:

>Could someone be kind enough to explain the differences in the dental
>arrangement of Dromeosaursidae and Elmisauridae, or is the lack of skull
>material in the later a problem? Could supposedly shed Dromeosaursidae
>teeth actually be from members of Elmisauridae?


Dromaeosaurids: have teeth.  "Elmisaurids" (aka caenagnathids): do not have
teeth.  The "new" specimen of the caenagnathid _Chirostenotes pergracilis_
to be published soon in JVP will confirm the long-held suspiscion that the
toothless jaws called "_Caenagnathus_" and the skeletal material called
"elmisaurids" are from the same animal.

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