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So-called Sickle Claws

Speaking, and I am, of things to be objected to; the term "sickle claw" is
a misnomer that should be discarded.  The claw may be crescent shaped like
a sickle but a sickle has a cutting edge along one side like a razor,
central to its very function.  "Raptor" claws have sharp tips for piercing
and grasping, not slicing like a knife or razor.  This adds to the silly
notion that this toe claw was a killer weapon that had to be kept sharp at
all costs.  Look at the things finger claws, teeth and other toes.  These
animals were heavily armed and very efficient predators, I'm sure.  The
exaggeration of this "sickle" claw's size and importance, I restate, is
merely for publicity and to make the animals seem more spectacular.