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Raptor,sickle, "T. rex"

The term "pinecone" comes to mind.  Surely many of you use the term - is it
really from a pine tree, or do you check to be certain it's not from a
douglas fir?  Or could you please be more specific, and designated it as a
Ponderosa Pine Cone?  And why 'cone'?  While it's only vaguely conical in
shape, use of the word cone seems to indicate hollowness, as if the seeds
are cupped - like Rocky Road ice cream.  A forester better know the details
and use them properly in reports but everyone else will muddle along in
their ignorance.  

(Maybe the lucky ones will learn the difference when a kind hearted ranger
lets them in on the secret?)

P.S. I am NOT a forest ranger, so let spare the entire list the correction
of the not-very-technical terms in my example, OK?

        In  Peace  -  SarahAnne