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Hello and a request for help...

Hello.  I am new to the Dinosaur subscribe list, but have been 
monitoring it for a few weeks now.  There are some interesting and 
thought-provoking ideas here.  I was wondering if you could help me out.  
I am currently writing a book and it contains the dinosaurs 
Parasaurolophus, Chasmasaurus, Yangchuanasaurus, Carnotaurus and 
Deinonychus.  I was wondering if someone could give me information on 
these 5 magnificent creatures (height, weight, diet, lifestyle, clutch 
size, weapons of offense/defense, typical pack/herd size, phoenetic 
pronunciation, etc).  Every scrap of information gleamed will be of 
emense importance to me.  I appreciate your time and energy.  

Derek Wallace

P.S.  I was also wondering-how are paleontologists able to discern the 
skin color of an extinct species?  What methods are used?  Or is the 
skin color shown just a product of the artists' imagination?  Thanks 
again and take care.

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