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RE Shameful


First of all I have no problem with anyone gaining any amount of education,
factory worker or otherwise. I am merely relaying a sentiment of disgust
and low low self esteem potrayed by co-workers (notice "CO-WORKERS"). Their
biggest bitch concerning the educational system is the direct $25K-$65K it
cost to get a BS or BA or whatever, the lack of income earned during that
time period, lost retirement earnings from IRA's or other sources, and
seniority issues. Many people feel "taken" by the system, an if one bothers
to listen to their reasons one can see why. These people feel their
personal worth, in more ways than dollars, has been lessened because they
were talked into the higher education choice. These individuals may regret
that path for the rest of their lives. Are they bright and interesting
people? Yes indeed! Are they living up to their full potiental? No way. Has
the whole experience left them feeling good about themselves and their life
choices? What do you think? Are they proud of the good grades and hard
work? You bet, but they also see what they lost.

I'd like to know how this working outside their field of study thing works.
Is a degree in chemistry aplicable to software design? Is a sociology
degree good enough to get a RN's job? See what I mean! Specialized
education, specialized jobs to match.

What I am expressing is merely an observation of the world around me, and
not a formulation of an abstract idea. To education someone, usually a
young an impressionable person, in a wonderful but nearly useless field of
study, and then turn them loose with the false hope of a glorious future,
is wrong. It's much more wrong than telling that same young person there
are only so many astronauts, and your chances are a bazillion to one. At
least the truth comes before the person to face in the light of day. Is it
limiting this person to tell it like it really is? That's not the same as
saying this person is out of their little minds and degrading them. Should
this person really want to be an astronaut no agrivation will supplant that
drive. Otherwise just keep 'em believing in the Easter Bunny too.

The trurth can never be limiting, or science is a waste of effort.

And now a small bit about dinosaurs;

Thanks for the small theropod data. Didn't know about the stuff Dr. Holtz
and others have told me. I was just wondering if there were any other
candidates for these smallish shed teeth with the fine serrations. Details,
details, the devil's in the details.

Roger ( sorry I brought the whole thing up ) Stephenson