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Re: Re The biggest dinosaurs

>On Fri, 22 Aug 1997, Dann Pigdon wrote:


> I doubt that
> any single factor contributed to the decreased size of modern mammals,
> and similarly that no single factor was responsible for the
> large size (or extinction for that matter) of dinosaurs.

Keep in mind, too, the Jarmen-Bell principle.  Trends toward arge size on
part of herbivores may be related to an over-abundance of low quality
food.  Of course, large size in Predators may have followed necessarilly.

As was previously stated, large size would imply (but not prove) lower
population densities, and it might therefore be the case that less
frequent kills on the part of predators is equivalent to low quality food
sources.  I am just rambling as far as the latter is concerned.  But it's
"Food for Thought".  Whether it is low or high quality will determine the
size of the consumer!



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