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Re: Recent Vert Paleo Textbook

Ben Roesch wrote:
> can someone recommend the best and most recent vertebrate paleontology book
> out there. I've always been impressed by Carrol's (sp?) Vertebrate
> Paleontology and Evolution, but it's a bit out of date, I think. Have there
> been revisions?

The most recent textbook is (AFAIK):

MJ Benton: Vertebrate Palaeontology, second edition.
Chapman and Hall: 1997. pp 452. 
ISBN 0-412-73810-4
available paperback ($50) and hardback ($110)

This is an updated edition of the first edition of 1990. 
Benton's handbook is not as detailed as Carroll's, but it relies more 
on phylogenetic taxonomy.
For a short review of it, see Nature vol 388, 31 July 1997..

(I haven't bought it yet myself, still saving my pennies for Glut's 
book and the new Currie et al dinosaur book to be released this 


Pieter Depuydt