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Off-topic drifting (was Re: "Brontosaurus")

Darryl <dinoguy@interlog.com> wrote (quoting Tom Holtz (th81@umail.umd.edu))

>>(As always, trying to steer the discussion back towards paleontology... :-)
> I know, but some of the tangents need addressing.  It is hard to
> walk the fine line.  I am trying to be good.  :-)

While it may well be true that some tangents need addressing, they
don't all need addressing here in public.  I've got other more
pressing matters to contend with so I haven't been castigating people
as much as I might if the flaming and drifting were occurring at
another time, and for those of you who think (as I do) that this list
should focus on dinosaur-related science I apologize for that.  For
everyone else, there's no shame in taking conversations off line.  If
you want to address a point not related to dinosaurs (e.g. opinions
about the screwed up nature of higher education) please respond via
private mail.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)