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dinosaur weights

Thank you to all who responded to my query about 'dunking dinos'. 
However, I'm not sure that it matters to the experiment about the air
sacs, blood and bone bit.  I did the experiment with model carthorses,
etc to see how wrong the results would be - I mean they are just plastic
too, like the plastic dinosaurs, and horses have lungs too.  I suppose
that I was assuming a mammalian physiology which is probably not the

If the results had come up way (weigh? tee hee) off, then I could ignore
the weights worked out in this way for dinosaurs.  Do you see what I
mean?  If the density bit was wrong for dinosaurs and water, it probably
isn't right for elephants and water either.  I wanted the model to sink
because that's how the experiments with the model dinosaurs had been
done.  However, I now know a great deal more than I ever imagined
possible about mass and density.  As SarahAnne points out - if I had a
realistic model, why bother with the water.  Just weigh it.  I guess I
just like messing about in other people's labs but I obviously like
going off to lunch more.

Thank you all for responding and your kind remarks,