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FW: when did T rex come into usage?

Sent:  Friday, August 22, 1997 2:19 AM
To:  'Dinosaur Mailing List - Gen. Distribution'
Subject:  Re: when did T rex come into usage?

Lots of people have mentioned 'Homo sapiens' (or more correctly 'Homo sapiens 
sapiens') but we don't call ourselves 'H. sapiens'.  

Also, most people know 'E. coli' only because the full name is such a pain to 
remember ('Escherichia coli')!!!

'Boa constrictor' is called 'Boa' and 'Boa constrictor', but never (in the 
general public's usage) 'B. constrictor'...

I like "Felix the Cat' (a different answer than I thought I might get - but 
interesting nonetheless - and NO, I do not have an answer to my question - but 
I have had some interesting half-answers).  - Thanks, Dann.   (I remember the 
OLD Felix the Cat cartoons - He used to say "Righty-O!! Professor!")...

[By the way - this was reposted by me - due to some errors between my ISP and 
the dinolist   -- A.]