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Mt I on Mt II

You wrote: 
>Dinogeorge makes a point in his recent posting that "the hallux of theropods
>articulated at the back of the foot.'' Here he is referring, I assume, to
>Lockley's tyrannosaurid print from New Mexico that we have seen on television
>numerous times in the recent past as well as indications on the anatomy of

Hi Dan, hows it going?

George is also talking about the small oval 'grove' on the back of metatarsal 
II that metatarsal I fits into. It can bee seen in severial theropods. Look at 
Madsen's osteology of Allosaurus, plate 55.  You can see how the
 top mt 1 fits into mt 2, and there is an oval (lightly colored) where the 
lower half of mt 1 fits into mt 2. But it can be best seen on the mt 2 of 
Tyrannosaurus. A paper on what theropods have this oval grove on mt 2 wo
uld be of value. Hmmm... maybe for Dinofest 2000...