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Hi All

A couple comments: I think there are additional problems in obtaining weights
of adult dinos than what has been discussed. In mammals at least there is a
significant (20/25%) difference in the weight of  a male after it has reached
its max length/heigth and it still puts on weight as additional muscle
growth. This is true of many if not most mammals. Now I have no idea if this
applies to reptiles or dinos. Since we really don't know that much about the
metabulism of dinos it would seem that this question is not answered. So the
model in the water beaker might not do so well. Or we don't know how well its

In cats the hallux is a very important part of its grip. It allows an opposed
grip of many inches and is an active element of the kill. I can't see how
this applies to dinos very well as its does not seem probable that the used
their feet to subdue their meal. My cat uses all four feet in that manner
when I piss her off too much. So what was this thing used for in our
favrorite animal??

Some thoughts
paul sparks