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Dinosaur hallx(es)

 I completely agree that the dinosauria hallux could be reverted. But 
there are some pressing issues of the DEGREEof the reversion. Whenever I 
see a dinosaur skeletal illustration ( such as Ostrom's  Compsognathus) 
it always gets me that they say the toe and hallux are reversed but they 
don't illustrate it. All Theropdian halluxes so signs that they were 
capable of being reversed but when we see the Bavaria Compsognathus and 
look at it in detail it is clear it is not. Trackways show reversed toes 
and this is some of the best evidence for reversed toes. But when we go 
back to Compsognathus the toe is not reversed. 
 When looking at the evidence alot of it does not add up. Perhaps in 
some theropods (from Compsognathus down) the toe is like a hominids 
thumb. It is mobile backwards for holding onto things and mobile 
medially for times of running. Just my thoughts on the matter I could be 
wrong Icould be right. 

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