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Re: layperson

In a message dated 97-08-23 04:28:25 EDT, lavender@ix.apana.org.au writes:

<< I have to agree.  I was taught about Brontosaurus and it wasn't until
 last year when I bought a dinosaur dictionary for my 5 year old son that
 I found out that they were now called Apatosaurus.  But I have to admit
 that I thought it was a *recent* change. >>

The most recent "change" having to do with _Apatosaurus_ is that its correct
skull has been and is being mounted on several museum display skeletons. For
many decades through the 1980s, the head of _Apatosaurus_ was considered to
resemble that of _Camarasaurus_. Dozens of life restorations (including the
_Apatosaurus_ machette I have for sale: see my web site
http://members.aol.com/Dinogeorge/index.html) featured _Apatosaurus_ with the
short, stubby _Camarasaurus_-like skull. Well, through the detective work of
Jack McIntosh and David Berman, we now know that the skull of _Apatosaurus_
was not _Camarasaurus_-like at all but strongly resembled the skull of
_Diplodocus_: Strongly enough that it had originally been referred to that