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What kind of book am I writing? Well, it's...

just one part of a series I created.  Think along the lines of 
"Footsteps of Thunder" or "The Virgin and the Dinosaur".  Both are 
really great reads, and I highly recommend them (with the right degree 
of 'willing suspension of disbelief').  Take care and thanks to all,


"The force...life breeds it...makes it grow. Its energy 
surrounds us...binds us.  It flows between us. You...me...
this rock.  Luminous beings are we...not this crude matter."
                  -Yoda, Jedi Master-

"A PERSON is smart.  People are dumb.  Everything they know 
has been proven wrong.  A thousand years ago, everybody KNEW
that the Earth was the center of the universe.  500 years 
ago, they KNEW it was flat.  15 minutes ago, you KNEW we 
humans were alone on it.  Just imagine what you'll KNOW 
                     -Kay from MiB-

"How can we stand in the light of discovery and not act?"
"Oh John, what's so great about discovery?  It's a violent,
penetratiive act which scars.  What you call discovery...
I call the rape of the natural world."

                     -Ian Malcolm-

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