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Re: Re;So-called Sickle Claws

In a message dated 97-08-23 15:05:55 EDT, MBell16766@AOL.COM writes:

<< It seems to me that digit 1 originated from a medial
 direction rather than completely reversed. It certainly wasn't in the same
 plane as the other digits. >>

This is quite right. The digit is directed mediocaudally--backwards and
sideways. But in the print there is a pad for that digit, and it's definitely
more back than side.

<<Dinogeorge might
have a great opportunity here for his Birds Came First theory as well as
helping out paleoartists. I would certainly like to hear Greg Paul's views on
the tyrannosaurid track as well as the Deinonychus mounts Dinogeorge
mentions. Or any of you, for that matter, that have seriously considered this
issue. >>

In BCF, the backwardly directed hallux of theropods is considered the vestige
of a larger, more fully retroverted digit that was used for perching.
Modification of the hind limbs for perching is decent (though by no means
conclusive) evidence that the forelimbs were generally used for something
other than holding onto trees, perhaps gliding or flying.