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Dinosaur TV Week

Here are some highlights of U.S. national television programming 
concerning dinosaurs, all times Eastern:

Monday, August 25

The History Channel, 10am & 3pm
"The Real West: Dinosaur Hunters of the Old West"
Marsh and someone described as "Edward Drinker" deal with 
creationists, rivalry with each other, and understandably 
irate Native Americans the Real West way.

Wednesday, August 27

The Learning Channel, 8pm & 11pm
"Seatek -- Experimental Divers"
Includes segment on evidence of a comet that chicken-fried many 
dinosaurs (or so some claim)

Thursday, August 28

The Discovery Channel, 1pm
"Home Matters"
Perky host investigates amateur paleontology in between segments on 
antique kitchen utensils and watercolor gifts.  I'm not joking.  A 

Check your local listing for a PBS children's program called The 
Magic Schoolbus, which is airing a program on dinosaurs on or 
around Thursday in many TV markets.

Friday, August 29

The Disney Channel, 2pm
Miniature dinosaurs hatch in the basement (hasn't this happened 
to everyone?), an odd idea because one of the most remarkable things 
about dinosaurs, I've been told, is that they often could be quite 
large.  An evil "archaeologist" is out to get the miniatures when he 
should in fact be excavating Hittite chariot wheels or something 
else vaguely related to his field.

The Learning Channel, 8:30pm and 11:30pm
"Paleoworld -- Boneheads"
About the purpose of pachycephalosaurs' thick skull.  I've seen this 
and Bakker must be seen to be believed -- he does everything but put 
on clown white to make his point.  The man is pure entertainment.

Saturday, August 30th

USA Network, 1am (some people recognize this as late 
"Dinosaur Valley Girls"
Dreadful B Movie reputed to have a nice stop-motion portrayal of a 
Carnotaurus.  Apparently has "adult themes."

Sunday, August 31st

The Discovery Channel, 10:30am
"Bonehead Detectives of the Paleoworld"
One of the 50 most beautiful people in the world heads to the 
Sahara in search of dinosaurs

A full week, from the sublime to the absurd (heavy on the absurd -- 
this *is* TV) --


I'm not interested in how dinosaurs lived
I'm just glad they're dead

Jack Horner as quoted by Dan Quayle