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Re: Layperson

        And remember what childhood impressions of scientists most people
in America receive:  The cackling evil genius plotting world destruction on
Saturday morning superhero cartoons.  This can't be conducive to a sense of
clarity to go with one's sense of wonder.

>        I think the general public has no clue about how science really
>works.  We're
>taught in school that scientists get an idea, then they test it, then they
>publish it.  They don't realize the level of work involved with getting to the
>point where a hypothesis can be made, nor do they realize that part of science
>is that different people have different ideas that each feels is right.  This
>part confuses them.  They don't realize that the details are that important,
>and they don't understand how names and stories can change.  This is one the
>best things about science - and most people miss it.  The capacity for ideas,
>discussion (even heated), and for change is what makes science work.


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