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Dinogeorge says, "Dozens of life restorations featured _Apatosaurus_ with the
short, stubby _Camarasaurus_-like skull."
Now for the next question: Who was the first paleoartist to portray
Apatosaurus with a _Diplodocus_- like skull?
Time's up. The answer is...
Who was Maurice Wilson.
Yes, Wilson's rendering of a diplodocid-like head appeared on not one, but
three (!!!) Apatosauri on page 53 of W.E.Swinton's _The Wonderful World of
Prehistoric Animals_, published by Doubleday in 1961 (opposite a very
horizontal, tail off the ground, Allosaurus (O.K., O.K., it was called
Antrodemus in the book).
Your quizmaster for tonight, Dan Varner.